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PureIonics Car Air Purifier Is On Sale On Amazon.com For A Limited Time!

If you are a smoker, and have smoke smell in your car, or have any other foul odor from pets, food etc, the best solution is not an air freshener that simply masks the odor, but a product that nuetralizes odors by destroying them. Ionic Air Purifiers do just that.. they destroy odor moleclules by creating negative Ions and generating Ozone. Our Pure-O Car Air Purifier is the latest generation patented product, and it’s also the strongest compact unit on the market, with an output of 4.8 million/cm3 negative Ions which create ozone exactly as nature does after a thunderstorm. The Ozone purifies the contaminents in the air and destroy odors like cigarette smoke and pets. It’s beautiful Crystal design and polished siver color match any car interior and added touch of class. If you smoke, and want a fresher smelling car, you need one! On Sale for a limited time.

Order yours today and start enjoying cleaner and healthier air. Only $23.99 On Amazon.com


Other benefits include:

· Large amounts of negative ions and safe amount of ozone.
· Purify air, removes smoke and dust particles.
· Eliminate bad odors.
· Protect brain and eyes.
· Reduces stress and increases alertness while driving
· Improve pulmonary function.
· Reduce air conditioner/ventilation odors.
· Destroy bacteria and viruses.
· Built-in light creates an nice atmosphere and let’s you know it’s on.
· Beautiful Crystal type design for nice appearance.

More detailed info about Ionics:


Much like thunderstorms do in the atmosphere, Ionic Air technology produces a natural bio-climate rich in active oxygen molecules, otherwise known as ions. The Ionzing Air system creates a measurable and controllable quantity of negative oxygen ions.

Particle Reduction

Airborne particles are charged by the ions through ionic bonding. The resulting Ozone destroys the mechanism that transmits bacteria cells from person to person. As the ions cause increased particle size, the result is less bacteria in the breathing zone.


As they divide in the split zone, bacteria and mold spores bond with active oxygen molecules and are oxidized and destroyed. The bacteria and mold can no longer multiply.

Odor Neutralization

Odorous gases and aerosols oxidize on contact with active oxygen molecules. Odors, especially of an organic origin,are quickly eliminated.

VOC Control

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases where there is carpeting, building materials, furniture, office equipment, cleaning agents, paints, glues, solvents or pesticides. The ions trade electrons with these VOCs breaking down their molecular structures into less harmful ones

Health Benefits

Human and animal lungs absorb oxygen more efficiently from clean ionized air, enhancing general health and well-being. Alertness and concentration are improved.

PureIoncs has developed the perfect compact unit for your car. Get one today and start enjoying the benefits of cleaner air.

About PureIonics.com. Our company is focused on producing high quality Ionic air purifier products for Automotive and Home use. The use of ionizing products which produce Ozone have been around for many years and are used for purifying Air, Water and the decontamination of food, as well as dealing with smoke damage by eliminating the odor left behind. In recent years, the products have become more advanced and compact to deal with different enviroments. Our goal is to market the best Ionic air purifier products and offer them to the consumer at an affordable cost. Read on to learn more about our products and see how they function.